Products painstakingly perfected to be worthy of your kids!
At the helm of this parade are identical twin sisters Rena and Marnie Schwartz. They are moms! They are professional dancers and performers! They are former Toronto Raptors Dance Pak members! They are school teachers! They are dance teachers and choreographers! They are fierce enforcers of confidence in the citizens of tomorrow!
As owners of one of the largest dance and fitness studios in Canada, the dynamic duo noticed that learning to cartwheel is a rite-of-passage (like learning to ride a bike). With over 40 years of experience, the twins invented the FIRST cartwheel mat that helps kids cartwheel.
They tested it and used it in classes! They saw kids cartwheels improve and their mental health sky rocketed too - that's when they knew they were onto something! Beginners and pros were obsessed with using it and it was independent and self-motivated. After dozens of prototypes, unwavering passion and commitment, and hundreds of hours of research and development, they created a product like no other. A kid-approved (and parent approved) TOY that teaches kids the most FUN way to cartwheel!
Let’s be real for a moment – teaching a child how to cartwheel is a parenting recipe for disaster. The falls! The struggles! The tears! The Hulk-style tantrums in the face of defeat! It's really hard for your kids to see you that way ;)
Here’s the thing: mastering a cartwheel is SO much more than just “doing” a cartwheel. It’s about problem-solving. It’s about confidence building. It's about perseverance. It’s about learning to have FUN amidst challenges. It's about striving to achieve your best version and to compare yourself to nobody else but YOURSELF! The passion behind the CARTWHIRLER™ is to positively impact the mental and physical health of kids!
So, here’s what Marnie and Rena did - they designed a product bold enough to make kids confident, fearless, and having FUN along the way! It’s a cartwheel mat! A yoga mat! A gymnastics mat! A dance mat! A playmat! It’s a CONFIDENCE mat!
It’s going to take practice (anything good does) but stick with it and you’ll be a cartwhirling champ! CARTWHIRLER™ will be there whenever you need a refresher!
What are you waiting for? Grab the CARTWHIRLER™ and watch the magic unfold. MARNIE & RENA