The Most Fun Way to Cartwheel!

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The Most Fun Way to Cartwheel!

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CARTWHIRLER™ = Amazing Fun

Our Range of Products

The CARTWHIRLER™ is a high-quality TPE mat with a colorful suede top finish. It is super soft, anti-slip, and good for gripping. It is also portable, easy to clean, and simple to store. (And it really works!)

The CARTWHIRLER™ Carry Bag makes it easy to take anywhere. It features a comfortable strap that fits the mat perfectly and it's machine washable too.

To really look the part while cartwheeling, check out the CARTWHIRLER™ Wristbands that are available in both blue and pink.

Fun For Every Age & Ability

Every adult can remember being a kid and practicing cartwheels with their friends on the grass, in their rooms, or in the school yard. Cartwheeling is a timeless activity that is also a great way to improve coordination, agility, and strength. The CARTWHIRLER™ also provides an opportunity to bond with your children and make lasting memories.

With this incredible DIY cartwheel mat, your child will learn how to perform the perfect cartwheel. The CARTWHIRLER™ grows with your child — there are three lines on the mat that represent different age groups.

There is a pink line for 4-6 year olds, a blue line for 6-8 years old, and a yellow line for 8-12+ years old. The easy-to-follow lines make perfecting cartwheels easy, fun, and rewarding.

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