Sep 07 , 2022

Rena-Marnie Schwartz

Here's a few REVIEWS about Book #1: YOU CAN DRAW CARTWHEELS, An Interactive Book about DRAWING and CONFIDENCE to Help YOU Draw Faces and People in Action


The books, YOU CAN DRAW CARTWHEELS, and I CAN CARTWHEEL are delightful. Both books are encouraging, upbeat, fun, engaging, and universally appealing. They are remarkable in their ability to engage children, promote positivity, and encourage critical thinking. I expect it will be a welcome addition to the world of children's literature!

By Kit Duncan, Freelance Editor (

The interactive book, YOU CAN DRAW CARTWHEELS, is a great way to have students read and follow instructions to practice and learn how to draw pictures of faces and bodies in action. The step-by-step directions were so easy for my students to follow. Once they became more confident in their drawings, they recognized their progress and how much they had learned from this book! I like how the first part of the book is focused on drawing faces, facial expressions, and sharing feelings, while the second half is focused on drawing oval-shaped and circle-shaped animals to stick figures and to people cartwheeling. Seeing the students discussing their growing confidence in drawing was incredible. My grade 2/3 elementary students were readily taking risks and creating and designing their own pictures. They were proud to share their finished workbook, and I was delighted to note that the skills they learned transferred to other pictures they later drew. This is a wonderful book for kids of all ages, and for teachers to use with their students! A must-have!!

By Lindsay Rebboh, Elementary Classroom Teacher in Toronto, Dance Teacher, Summer Camp Director