Sep 07 , 2022

Rena-Marnie Schwartz

Did you know about THE ViBE CONFIDENCE-BUILDING SERIES For Kids, Ages 7 to 12 (or younger with adult support)

Check out the first 2 interactive and unique books of the SERIES!

Both books are targeting CONFIDENCE, DRAWING, and CARTWHEELING!  

Book #1: YOU CAN DRAW CARTWHEELS, An Interactive Book about DRAWING and CONFIDENCE to Help YOU Draw Faces and People in Action....

Focuses on teaching kids to draw faces (eyes, eyeballs, eyelashes, eyebrows, lips, noses, ears, facial expressions, hair styles, bows and hats) and people in action (oval-shaped, circle-shaped, shapes, lines, stick figures, and figures doing cartwheels)!


Book #2: I CAN CARTWHEEL, An Interactive Story about CARTWHEELING and CONFIDENCE Where YOU Become the ILLUSTRATOR....

Shares an interactive story where kids are encouraged to think and talk before reading, imagine the character, read and talk about the story, and THEN go back to draw the illustrations for the story. As kids become the ILLUSTRATORS, they become more confident at drawing! Stay tuned for their subsequent drawings to show definite improvement!