Sep 07 , 2022

Rena-Marnie Schwartz

Here's a few REVIEWS about Book #2, I CAN CARTWHEEL, An Interactive Story about CARTWHEELING and CONFIDENCE Where YOU Become the ILLUSTRATOR


I enjoyed the themes of the story. It's about giving it your all, and even through hard times, staying determined that maybe one day it will all work out. The main character’s sadness about not being able to cartwheel, along with this character's eventual hope, resonated with me as I have children of my own who are always trying to master new skills that are important to them. I think the book does a great job of making readers feel like they want to root for the main character, and therefore, that they should also root for themselves.

By Beth Rodgers, Freelance Editor

Sharing the I CAN CARTWHEEL book was one of my most favorite teachable moments during my sessions as Camp Director working with dancers as well as in my classes teaching elementary students as an occasional teacher. All children can see themselves in this story since they are invited to name and imagine the main character. I loved the repetitive sequencing of the story, and having the kids being encouraged to draw the illustrations like a real illustrator is so meaningful. They made insightful connections and talked about how they felt excited similar to the main character. This is a MUST book to share with kids to build confidence and for children to realize that they can do anything they set their minds on!

By Lindsay Rebboh, Elementary Classroom Teacher in Toronto, Dance Teacher, Summer Camp Director