Let’s talk cartwheel! What is it really?

Apr 30 , 2021

Rena-Marnie Schwartz

Let’s talk cartwheel! What is it really?

The cartwheel is a universal social skill among children. Kids love to do it, especially when they're successful! They might be at school or home but wherever kids are you can find them doing their best cartwheels with friends and family alike cheering from the sidelines.

When kids are not able to cartwheel successfully, it can have a negative impact on their confidence and overall growth and development. Every child wants to feel a sense of belonging, a sense of accomplishment, a sense of being able to do what other kids can do, and the CARTWHIRLER can help them master their cartwheels

Cartwheeling is a learned skill that can be mastered and improved. The CARTWHIRLER makes this process fun, engaging, and rewarding for kids of all levels! With the right amount of encouragement from parents to cartwheel themselves as well as their children, every child’s story will be awesome.