What You Need to Learn How to Cartwheel, Hint: Cartwheel Mat

May 26 , 2021

Rena-Marnie Schwartz

What You Need to Learn How to Cartwheel, Hint: Cartwheel Mat

Did you know that practicing gymnastics can help you maintain a healthy weight, build lean muscle, boost coordination, increase self-confidence, and so much more?

No matter how old you are, it's never too late to get into gymnastics to create a happier, healthier lifestyle. Whether you do it as a hobby or you join a team, you'll be amazed by how much better you feel once you start.

If you're a beginner, one of the first basic moves you should master is the cartwheel. Keep reading to learn how you can become a pro and how a cartwheel mat can help.

1. Create a Safe Environment to Do a Cartwheel

Cartwheels and gymnastics can be dangerous, especially if you're trying new tricks. This is why it's always a good idea to check out your environment to ensure you can practice safely. Make sure you have plenty of open space and that you're on soft material like carpet or grass in case you fall.

2. Find Your Dominant Side

Once you're ready to start, ask yourself which side you feel most comfortable leading with. In general, most people prefer to lead with their dominant hand. You can test this by turning to your left and right while bending to the side and seeing which position makes you feel strongest.

3. Get Ready to Lunge, Tilt, and Lift

Learning how to do a cartwheel is all about mastering 4 simple steps. To start, turn to your dominant side, form an "L" shape with your arms, and get down into a lunge position. Slowly lower your hands to the ground and allow your non-dominant leg to lift into the sky.

Once you build some courage, push your dominant leg off the ground and let your legs soar above you while you steady yourself with your hands. Your movements will be choppy and slow at first, but soon you'll be able to do a cartwheel in one smooth motion.

4. Practice Makes Perfect

It's true that some people have a natural talent for gymnasts, but most of us need time to get better. The longer you practice, the more graceful your cartwheels will become. If you're passionate about your form, try recording yourself doing a cartwheel and watching it so you can see where you can improve.

5. Try Using a Cartwheel Mat

Cartwheel mats are a genius tool that can help you learn the proper positions faster thanks to the hands and feet placement pictures. One of the most common struggles people have when cartwheeling is staying in a straight line. These mats are designed to keep you in proper alignment to stay safe and look great.

Now You Know How to Do a Cartwheel for Kids and Adults

Whether you want to learn how to teach a cartwheel or do one yourself, this guide will help you become a pro. With tools like a cartwheel mat, you can look graceful in no time.

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