Jul 03 , 2021

Rena-Marnie Schwartz


5, 6, 7, 8! If your child has boundless energy and loves to groove to the radio, why not look into dance programs?

Kids can usually start dance classes as young as three or four. Studios may even offer parent-child lessons if it's your first time. So what are you waiting for?

Help your child grow in confidence while expending that extra energy. Enroll them in a dance program.  

Why a Dance Program?

Dance programs offer kids the chance to improve their artistry, creativity, and physicality. In ballet, they improve their posture and strength. In hip hop, they build their musicality and coordination. 

Dance opens your child up to learning about art and culture, too. Their studio may invite them to attend the ballet or listen to classical music.

What Your Child Will Learn?

But what will your child learn in a dance class? Simply put, it depends on the type of dance they're taking. Typically, young kids start in basic movement classes. 

They might learn how to cartwheel and do somersaults. They might learn basic steps to music, as well.

Beginning classes for toddlers are more about fun and play than they are about doing the right steps. But as your child grows up, classes will become more technical.

Other kinds of programs exist, too! Check out dance certificate programs and dance therapy programs. All you have to do to find the right one is search "dance programs near me".

Benefits of Dance

Dance offers a range of benefits, from physical training to mental agility. Take a look at our top three to determine whether dance is right for your child.

Social Time

One of the best benefits of enrolling your child into dance classes is the friends they'll meet. If your child is shy, dance is a great way to ease them out of their comfort zone. They'll gain confidence learning something new and meet friends while they're at it. 

Physical Activity

Moves like doing a cartwheel, jump, or simple combination are great exercises. The older your child gets, the more rigorous their classes will be. 

If you want your child to grow up with a strong physique, consider dance programs. They'll develop great coordination and better confidence, too.

Mental Training

Dance isn't only physically challenging. It's mentally challenging, too. 

As students progress, they have to remember more complicated routines. They have to hit each step at the right time.

And that's not everything. They have to recall hundreds of different positions, movements, and combinations. This helps keep their mind sharp and agile.

It's Fun

Most importantly, being part of summer dance programs or a dance recital program is fun! Kids get to spend time together and play in a structured environment. As they grow, they'll learn to balance the fun time with the discipline and focus dance requires.

Choose the Right Dance Program

You can find dance programs in most cities, but they don't always offer the same things. Make sure you like the classes they offer and the way they help students progress.

But you may want to test the waters before enrolling your child in dance. If so, consider teaching them to cartwheel first. It's a great way to test whether they like doing those types of movement.

To get an easy tool for teaching your child to cartwheel, check out our cartwhirler mat.