5 Home Gymnastic Equipment Essentials For Kids

Jun 26 , 2021

Rena-Marnie Schwartz

5 Home Gymnastic Equipment Essentials For Kids

Gymnastics is one of the most-watched sports of the summer Olympics.

If you have a young child who enjoys this sport and wants to compete in it, then you're going to need gymnastic equipment. Home gymnastics is an excellent way to help beginner gymnasts improve their skills. By practicing at home, your child can improve fast without the need for daily trips to the gym.

Picking out gymnastic equipment for home can be difficult though. You want gymnastic equipment that can be used in a variety of ways, will grow with the improved skill of your child and can be stored with ease.

In this article, we'll cover the top five indoor gymnastics equipment you should consider buying for your child.

1. Floor Balance Beam

Looking for a safe way for your child to practice gymnastics? Then look no further for gymnastic equipment for kids than the floor balance beam.

The floor balance beam is exactly how it sounds. It is a balance beam that is on the floor. Over 86,000 gymnastic injuries occur each year. Of those, around 14.5% happen at home. This is where the floor balance beam shines. It allows your child to practice on an elevated bar and improve their balance without the threat of falling from a high spot.

2. Cartwheel Mat

Does your child need to practice their cartwheels? Then the CARTWHIRLER™ can be found as gymnastics equipment online.

This comfortable padded mat measures 6 feet by 2 feet. It will help your young gymnast improve their cartwheeling skills in a fun and easy manner. 

3. Tumbling Mat

Another gymnastics equipment for sale online is the tumbling mat. This is often a rubber, padded mat that helps to cushion the feet and body when landing. It is the ideal spot to practice moves like tumbling and other exercises.

4. Kip Bar

The kip bar is a training bar that is meant for younger children. Its height can be set at a maximum of five feet and is able to handle a weight of up to around a hundred and twenty-five pounds. The kip bar can help your child practice casts, back hip circles, and other moves.

5. Vault

Though the vault can refer to a gymnastic move, it is also an apparatus. The vault is a rod that's held up on legs. Gymnasts use the vault after jumping onto a springboard.

Vaulting is done by running down a path, hurdling off a springboard, and then landing on the vault on your hands. From there, the gymnast either tumbles, flips, or performs a more complex maneuver.

Gymnastic Equipment You Can Count On

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