Remember to work BOTH sides of your cartwheel - RIGHT and LEFT!

Begin with the side that feels most natural then work on both right and left cartwheels for an extra challenge!

Keep trying until your hands and feet land on the circles for the line of your age! Once you get your cartwheel, you can continue to work on stretching your knees and pointing your toes and make straighter lines!

Try doing your cartwheel slow and fast too!

You can also start doing one-handed cartwheels!

Videotape yourself and look for ways to improve your cartwheel!

Once you get your cartwheel, we guarantee that you will do it everywhere you go!

Also you got it, keep playing with it! Do the cartwheel on all 3 lines! It is a good challenge!

Be safe when doing your cartwheel off the mat - look out for furniture!!

Learn more about Cartwheels on YouTube: